The Potters Inspiration

This weekends blogposts will circle around the potters source of inspiration.

It´s well known and acknowledged that Danish pottery has a long tradition of being inspired by the Chineese and Japanese pottery. Classic, simple - going towards minimalism - and functional. Names like Axel Salto, Gertrud Vasegaard and Henning Koppel comes to mind. But that´s of course not the whole story.

Japanese pottery at The Danish Nationalmuseum
Clearly shows the influence

Recently I have seen pottery from the 60s and 70s that made my brain pick up the few bits and pieces of ancient mediterranean pottery it holds - it was not my favorite subject at the university.....That made me go to  The Danish Nationalmuseum to do some research. 

I admit I´ve never been to that department - and what a shame. I was thrilled and uplifted. Home I went with lots of photos and inspiration.

BUT, I never go to the Nationalmuseum without passing through the Middle Ages. I mean I might have over looked something the last 10 times I was there....and I did.

I admit it´s not the highest degree of skilled pottery making. They might even look a little bit like decorated cake but it´s also many, many years before Danish Modern. And they might have inspired Rigmor Nielsen when designing the Sandvig Series.

Tomorrow I´ll show something totally different.

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